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George is a dedicated expert in the field of banking, capital markets and real estate. He has played a pivotal role in the recent development of the Greek banking sector, contributing to the redrafting of the HFSF law which paved the way for the 2013 bank recapitalizations to take place and participating in many of the mergers and acquisitions which consolidated the sector. His finance practice includes advising clients, mainly banks, on their entry into syndicated loans, bond loans and restructurings, including voluntary and Article 99 processes. He has considerable experience in tender offers, rights issues and merger and acquisition transactions, with a focus on listed companies and privatizations.George has a broad expertise in the area of real estate, advising on traditional asset acquisitions as well as complex structurings and financings. He has acted in many of the landmark real estate transactions to take place over the last couple of years.George is a lecturer in corporate governance at Piraeus University. He previously taught at Alba University and at the Athens Exchange Training Centre on securities and derivatives issues.
 “I have had the opportunity to see the firm develop and grow with it. It is rewarding that we have created a work ethic based on solidarity and a support structure - to see our lawyers progress in an environment which is unique for Greece.”
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“The practice of taxation law has always attracted me. In a democracy, taxation does not only impose obligations: to the contrary, it suggests the point at which each centrally governed society understands and realizes freedom of the individual and the welfare state.”
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George Bersis and Aspasia Malliou advised leading Greek Real Estate Investment Company on the negotiations and execution of a binding notarial pre-contract for the acquisition of four hyper-markets of total surface of 90.000 sqm. approximately, which are fully leased and operated by a big retailer, against the total purchase price of Euro 119,16 mio.

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