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“Reaching a resolution to the disputes which arise in the course of business, in or out of court, means handling both the legal business aspects to the problem. I consider that I have represented my client well if I can find the right equilibrium between the two.”
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“I find extremely challenging and intriguing to pursue and defend our clients’ claims in and out of the criminal courtroom. Criminal litigation is my preferred area of practice, since it is the only area of law where the fair administration of justice gets intertwined with the enhancement of the sense of security in society. PotamitisVekris is one of the most prestigious law firms in Greece which provides high quality legal services. As a member of its criminal litigation team, I work closely with distinguished professionals who handle high profile criminal cases of Greek and foreign clients. This unique working environment gives me the chance to build my experience and foster my knowledge in law”.
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Konstantinos Papadiamantis and Dimitra Dai, Head and Associate respectively of our Civil & Criminal Litigation and Arbitration department, co-authored an article for “Kathimerini” newspaper.
The article focuses on the upcoming amendments to the Greek Penal Code regarding breach of fiduciary duty and particularly on the process by which the criminal procedure may be initiated. You may read the article in the following link

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