Natalie advises and represents members of BOD’s/senior executives, in white collar crime proceedings initiated against them or on their behalf, against third party individuals. She has represented many domestic and foreign corporate clients in criminal proceedings, particularly regarding money laundering, fraud, breach of trust, market manipulation, tax evasion, smuggling, breach of environmental laws, antitrust and competition laws. Natalie regularly advises and represents leading multinational and Greek companies, among them banks, pharmaceutical companies, construction, telecommunications, medical gases, tobacco, shipping companies and defense manufacturers, domestic civil servants as well as high net worth individuals. Her experience extends to matters of Greek policy making under criminal law perspective. Natalie currently represents a well-known foreign construction company in a criminal proceedings that involve criminal aspects of European criminal law and prosecution. She is also involved in a number of pro bono cases, among which is the well known case of espionage involving the delicate matters of the European immigration policy.

Before she joined PV’s team, Natalie was partner at a well-known “boutique” exclusively criminal law firm.

Being a member of the broadly experienced team of PotamitisVekris, known for its commitment to the European standards of practice and adopting a multidimensional approach in every single case, provides an invaluable opportunity to achieve an equilibrium between criminal proceedings and corporate decision making


Athens Bar Association, 2008
National Association of Criminal Law, 2014
Hellenic Company of Criminal Law, 2016




National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, LLM, Criminal Law and Proceedings, 2007
National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, LLB, 2005
Guildhall University of London (BCA College of Greece) – BSc in Shipping and Transport Management, 2000