Penny has broad practice in the areas of real estate, commercial and civil law. Through her long-term experience in a corporate legal environment, she has specialized knowledge in real estate transactions and advising and drafting all types of contractual agreements. In particular, she focuses in commercial lease agreements, service agreements, as well as procurement and constructing contracts. Further, she has been actively involved in specialized transaction projects with extensive contractual disputes and negotiations.

Penny’s background is also orientated to the area of labour and social security law. Her focus is on issues arising from the relationship between employer and employee and provides advice on various matters of employment law.

"I really enjoy both employee matters and real estate law, as they are two sectors that require creative thinking and expose me to a variety of legal challenges related to the relationships of the parties involved. PotamitisVekris offers me the opportunity to gain experience as a member of a highly skilled and structured team and a positive and motivating working environment."


Athens, 2011




National and Kapodistrian University of Athens LLM in Labour Law, 2011

National and Kapodistrian Univeristy of Athens LLB, 2009