POTAMITISVEKRIS is certified as a “Great Place to Work” for the year 2021-2022

This certification is a significant achievement for all of us, as it is considered an indicator of our employees’ experience, following a rigorous and thorough evaluation procedure by Great Place To Work® Hellas.
Great Place To Work® is an independent research and consulting firm with a presence in 60 countries and extensive experience for more than 30 years in studying and evaluating employee experience.
Our firm’s success lies in the people-centric mindset of POTAMITISVEKRIS which is based on trust between management and employees. Mutual respect and good cooperation among our people are key components of our corporate culture.
This certification along with our firm’s recent distinction as “Greece Law Firm of the Year”, is a testament to us that even in tough periods, POTAMITISVEΚRIS has a “law firm culture that brings out the best”!