POTAMITISVEKRIScontributed to the Greek legal journal“Business andCompany LawReview” (DEE),titled: “Legalprofessionalprivilege isextendedto all legal advice”

POTAMITISVEKRIS’ Partner and Head of our EU, Competition and Antitrust Practice, Dimitrios Loukas, in cooperation with academic associate Konstantinos Lamprinoudis, authored a contribution to the Greek legal journal “Business and Company Law Review” (DEE), titled: “Legal professional privilege is extended to all legal advice”.

In this contribution, the authors provide insights into the recent judgment of the CJEU (Grand Chamber) in case C-694/2020, recognizing an extended protection for legal professional privilege in light of article 7 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. Although the judgment was delivered – upon a preliminary reference – in the context of proceedings related to administrative cooperation in the field of taxation, its ramifications on the investigation powers of competition authorities are expected to be rather significant.

The “Business and Company Law Review” legal journal is a monthly publication that is distributed by NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI and Qualex.

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