Our Mergers & Acquisitions practice has tracked economic developments in the Greek market, from the drive to invest in the broader Southeast European region in the 1990s, to the subsequent push in privatisations and consolidation, and through to the current emphasis on corporate restructuring as a means to deal with the impact of the recent crisis. We are sensitive to developing needs and are able to provide skill set and type of solutions that are responsive at each juncture. Accordingly, we have led numerous outward and inward investment transactions, privatisations and domestic reorganisations.

Our practice continuously evolves to address the needs of domestic and international investors, managers and businesses. We have a record of playing a leading role in the context of several significant transactions which have had a lasting effect on the market, advising buyers, sellers and State entities.

Privatisation is another area in which we have advised on major transactions, playing a lead role in implementing innovative structures. We advise Government entities, potential buyers and State owned companies undergoing privatisation. We also advise creditors, for the most part banks, and debtors or their significant stakeholders in the reorganization of troubled entities.

We believe that we can add significant value to transactions through our collaborative approach starting from the early stages, through contributions to structuring, planning, investigating, implementing and protecting the terms of corporate transactions. We consider and address issues relating to competition, employment, capital markets regulation, tax, insolvency and company law rules, and address regulatory requirements applicable to specific industries, such as media, telecommunications or banking. We concentrate on highlighting areas of legal risk in a manner that is focused, clear and allows its evaluation from a business perspective.

Our team has taken a leadership role in the elaboration of corporate governance rules and practices for both listed and closed Greek companies. We have acted as a contributor to the Greek Corporate Governance Code since its inception, and advised on changes to the Company Law Code.

“Potamitisvekris demonstrated the ability to handle complex transactions with unique characteristics. The entire team from associate to partner is very strong and well equipped.”