Public health, healthcare and medical care are distinct areas of public and administrative law, with the pharmaceutical, medical devices and cosmetics industries in particular governed by heavy regulation. Pharmaceutical companies are subject to various commercial and ethical restrictions, mainly with reference to the pricing of pharmaceutical products and the promotion of prescription drugs. Amendments to the legislative framework regarding the pricing of pharmaceuticals, including permitted discounts and credits, rebates and government imposed claw backs, and the interactions of pharmaceutical companies with healthcare professionals and public or private organizations and the State, are frequent.

POTAMITISVEKRIS is a leader in the provision of legal services to established and development-stage pharmaceutical companies, wholesalers and other distributors, and advises some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and medical devices companies.

We advise on all aspects and at all stages of the life cycle of a product, from research and trial, through to manufacturing, import, pricing, reimbursement, registration, licensing, distribution, advertising and marketing of finished products. We advise on internal policies and codes of conduct, promotional practices, interaction with healthcare professionals and patient organizations, implementation of the local legislation and the Greek Pharmaceutical Companies’ Association Code of Conduct. We also have experience in advising on clinical trials and the distribution and marketing of cosmetics.

What makes our practice stand out is our in-depth understanding of the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry and a unique insight into its day to day operation, accumulated through our ongoing relationships with clients. We offer integrated legal advice by combining our health law offering with the best of the firm’s corporate, commercial, regulatory, competition, data protection and intellectual property expertise.

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The team boasts a "wide range of expertise to support any corporate issue," adding that "they are always providing solutions to problems, guiding the client with effective negotiation and attention to detail."