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"I enjoy commercial law because it gives me the opportunity to understand in practice the way contemporary companies operate, and thus effectively assist them to promote their business interests by complying with the applicable law. This area of law combines business thinking with legal knowledge. PotamitisVekris is a leading law firm in Greece, well known for its business orientation. Being a part of this firm is considered as an asset for me, providing me with the opportunity to gain a high-level work experience and evolve professionally".
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“I enjoy corporate and commercial law because I find it interesting to learn about different businesses and overcome challenges in these sectors. Dealing with this sector enables me to learn how to anticipate and prevent issues that may affect our clients’ business. PotamitisVekris is a well-established firm and one of the largest in Greece. Being a member of the firm is a privilege as it gives me the opportunity to continuously evolve in the fields of corporate and commercial law.”
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